Who Are You Trying to Fool?

So I believe there is one aspect of this whole authentic Gucci vs. replica Gucci that both men and women can agree on. We could literally not care less what kind of purse or bag you have on. And when I say “we,” I mean us men. Us men do not care what any of your accessories consist of and this is especially true for your purses and handbags.

Who is this really For?

I have asked my wife a number of times who is she really trying to impress with only ever wearing authentic name brand things like purses and would never even consider being caught dead with a replica and I have gotten a variety of answers, some more credible and believable than others but I don’t understand any of them for the life of me.

Can’t we agree on the fact that for the vast majority of men, we only ever go out of our way to look nice or to buy something nice for ourselves in order to impress women. This is almost always 100% of the time the case and I would kind of assume that the same would go for women, right?

Well apparently not because my wife absolutely insists that women never really dress up or buy nice things to impress guys, but rather for other women. I have actually heard this theory from a few other women I have known in my life and I don’t understand why they put each other through so much.

I Just Don’t Get It

What is it with women and their purses?

I swear to God if my wife comes home with one more Gucci wallet or purse I am going to absolutely lose my mind. She will be the death of me and the reason we are broke and living on the streets just in time when I am ready to retire.

So if you had any interest in checking out my about page, you saw that my wife worked for a company that sold replica brand name bags like Gucci and want to know the most interesting part of it? She has never owned a replica of ANYTHING for as long as she has been with me and I know for a fact she never will.

Now it might be that I am a guy and I just don’t have the eye for things
like this, but can one of you ladies out there please explain to me what the difference between owning a real actual and authentic Gucci handbag and owning a replica Gucci??

Ok ladies I get it, guys are dumb. But we are not a group of mouth breathing idiots who see through a different set of eye balls than you ladies! There is no way that the average person can tell me any real differences between these authentic brands and replicas. Especially considering the fact that they are getting even better at it by the day and I wish my wife would just get on board.

Please someone tell me I am not crazy.